About us

Camping & Village Rais Gerbi

We are the Cerrito family, a team in both life and work. For over thirty years we have benn managing the Camping & Village Rais Gerbi. The campsite is now in its second generation having been founded in 1984 by Papa Enzo. We three daughters Cettina, Anna Maria and Stefania now run the site. The heads of the family, Mimma ed Enzo, still play an important role.

Surrounded by the green of the Mediterranean scrub, very closed to the Madonie Natural Park, the Camping & Village Rais gerbi is built on terraces taht descend to the sea. Who choose us for their vacation do not come for entertainment and overcrowded spaces. Unlike many campgrounds, we steer clear from the idea of a touristic village.

Our place is a byword for rest and relaxion and an ideal starting to to enjoy Sicily, all of the historic and artistic sites close by and to practise a loto f activities, both for sports that for nature lovers. Your children enjoy the freedom in a protected and safe environment.

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