Eco friendly camping in Sicily

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Sky TG24 put Camping & Village Rais Gerbi on the most 12 green italian campsites list.
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Sustainable camping is one of the best ways to experience Sicily. Actions to reduce our adverse impact on the environment:

  • solar panels to produce hot water
  • solar panel system to produce electricity
  • water recycling system
  • separate waste collection
  • low energy lighting in the whole campsite
  • conserve energy; turn off lights, fans, and other electrical sources when not in use

An environmentally-friendly outdoor experience is possible.

We asks our guests to:

  • throw your rubbish in the proper bins
  • separate your waste and properly dispose of it separate your waste and properly dispose of it;
  • do not step on plants and try not to damage the them
  • don't light fires, we allow barbecues
  • don't disperse gray water on the ground
  • water must be used in a responsible way, without useless waste

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